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At Affiliate Gambling, we understand that casino affiliate programs can be daunting to new comers, and as such, one of the main reasons we have chosen to create this blog. This is so that you can visit this site as a valuable resource and use it to assist you as you in the market product or services such as online casinos and receive payments based on the amount of people who purchase the product or sign up for the service. This is also known as performance marketing, which is one of the primary methods casinos use to market games and promotions.

In regards to casinos, this has actually become a massive industry as professional websites managed to gain huge revenue percentages from players who join casinos through their websites. Not only does this make it convenient for interested players to find these casinos, but it also benefits both the site owner and the casino. The casino would gain an additional player who deposits funds, and the website owner will receive a share of those funds as a reward for bringing the player to their casino.

Affiliate programs can also be thought of as those billboards you see next to the highway, which markets a casino. However, the only difference is the casino would have paid a fixed rate for the advertisement whereas online marketing rewards you according to the deposit value of the players you've directed to the casino. Another popular online casino payment method includes referrals. This works the same way as revenue share, but instead of receiving a percentage, you will be given a fixed amount for each new member.

How to Become an Affiliate

Joining an affiliate program is actually very easy. However, some will require your website to be in perfect shape and represent what the casino offers. This means your content needs to be accurate and should include game reviews, casino reviews, and much more before the affiliate site will allow you to use their casino to attract players.

Many affiliate sites only go live (visible online) once they have joined programs. This will receive a special request with some casinos, meaning you would need to explain the site is not yet live and what your future plans are. The best way to ensure you get the best programs on your website is to complete the site and all its content before approaching any casino site. Making small changes to suit the casino is a lot easier than fishing around for programs that will let you sign up when you only have a few pages ready.

Choosing The Right Affiliate Programs

As we all know, there are various sections to online casinos and the games they provide. Some casinos simple focus on Poker and offer a few slots on the side, some provide only live dealer games with slots on the side, others focus on slots only, and then there are those that provide everything from Bingo to live dealer games and also include video slots. However, be sure that you are making a deal with the right casino site, so investigate a little bit before deciding which casino site to become an affiliate with. The ones that offer free cash bonuses are the most prominent among the gambling audience, so keep your eye on that. We can recommend popping over to the section of free slots games at Bwin casino and getting a better perspective on no deposit bonuses and real money games.

Knowing in which direction your website is aimed is of utmost importance as this will determine why players visit your website. Trying to cover all game types will firstly take a lot of time in regards to creating content and the site itself without looking confusing, and then you might also find that affiliate programs decline as they aren't sure what form of casino games you market. Many sites provide all forms of gaming, but if you are just starting up, try to start with something aimed towards a single market as this would also save you a lot of time with marketing your website.

Different Affiliate Programs

Many programs provide rewards in a variety of ways. As some of you might know, some casinos belong to casino groups, meaning the company features more than one casino under a single program. In most cases, the popular and well-established casinos will provide commission share of around 30% to 50%. However, with new casinos affiliates will find they offer much higher percentages that range well over 50% commission on the players you attract. You can also attract them with slot games coupons and free spins. These are the most effective strategies to keep players coming for more, you offer them something for free and if they make a profit for something that they didn't have to risk their own money, they will always come back for more.

This is because the casino is still new and requires additional marketing from the affiliates to boost their member list. To ensure you get the best possible start for your website, be sure to visit our Affiliate Tips page that provides all the information you need, including How to Become an Affiliate, Casino Networks, Different Programs, and much more.

Jurisdictions - What it Means for An Affiliate

Since so many websites have created for the online casino market, you might want to consider the most limited markets around the world. More importantly, your website would need to be geared towards that market as you would have a tough time marketing European casinos to the Canadian market. Some sites provide multiple markets, which also means they require multiple casinos. Once again this would require huge amounts of content and pages as the casinos might feature different developers and game selections.